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Standby® Model with Model Base
Standby® Model with Model Base
The Baumanometer® Standby® Model is a precisely calibrated, clinical sphygmomanometer that functions on the immutable law of gravity. It is simple in design, convenient to use and is guaranteed to remain scientifically accurate. The Standby® Model has been providing accurate readings in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and physicians' offices since its introduction in 1938.

The Standby® Model features a high contrast, polycarbonate scale, a Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System and a Mylar® Clad calibrated glass cartridge tube. The calibrated tube has several layers of extremely strong, crystal clear Mylar® film applied (using heat and pressure) to strengthen the tube and maintain its structural integrity even if the inner glass is broken.

A 300 mm Hg instrument for mobile use, the Standby® Model includes a Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System and 4 feet of Extendex® Tubing. The instrument body is diecast aluminum alloy and includes a convenient cuff storage compartment. The instrument is calibrated at a 20� angle. A cast iron mobile base is fitted with four 2 1/2" diameter electrically conductive rubber wheels. The standard cuff color is Medium Blue; the instrument color is Neutral Gray textured baked enamel.
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Price: $315.00

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