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Ultra Care - Powder Free Interior Latex Exam Gloves (Small)
Ultra Care - Powder Free Interior Latex Exam Gloves (Small)
Non-Powdered Interior
Box 100 Case 1,000
Manufactured with a Patented Allotex® enzyme-treated latex which reduces latex protien allergens by as much as 99+%.
Low modulus formulation for the ultimate in comfort and stretch.
Polymer lined.
Non-powdered interior.
Easily dons over wet hands.
<15mg powder per glove

ULTRA CARE DONNING - Unlike most non powdered gloves, UC can be easily double gloved. UC can also be donned over damp hands. The reason for this is THC's unique surface treatment process. While the inside of the glove is polymer lined to allow easy donning in all conditions, the outside is treated with a trace of calcium carbonate that allows the insided surface of a second glove to easily slide over it. Superior grip and tactile sensitivity are maintained by this process.
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Price: $79.99

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